Samsung Galaxy S7 news: Release expected 1st quarter 2016; super speedy smartphone may have biggest memory in the series


After revealing Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge this March, rumors have it that Samsung Electronics is starting to produce the latest device on its flagship smartphone line, “Samsung Galaxy S7,” for its rumored release in the first quarter of 2016.

Based on a report by a South Korean website, ET News, an affiliated official reportedly told them that the company is expanding investments on the panels used for devices’ display. The report further cited the official as saying that Samsung Electronics has requested 8 million flexible panels per month for ‘Galaxy S7’.

Tech Radar picked up the report and added that Galaxy S7 might come with edge screen as same as the latest devices on the Galaxy S series.

Speculations regarding specifications started to circulate in the rumor mill.

Galaxys6samsung reported that expected features include 4GB RAM with 64bit Exynos processor and 3.5GHz processing power for what might make the device the fastest smartphone to boot. Based on older designs, Galaxy S7 may possibly include up to 128 GB memory as well.

Based on a report by igalaxys7samsung, the device might even have a higher memory of up to 6GB RAM with LDDR4 being created at lower nano scale level since Samsung has patented a lot of microchips in 2014. True Octa-Core 3.X GHz processor is expected to power the device. Because it might take a lot from its battery, Galaxy S7 will have a faster-charging option, the report shared.

When it comes to display, aside from the curved sides, Galaxy S7 is rumored to support the first-of-its-kind 4K resolution panel with 3840 x 2160 pixel AMOLED display, in 5.5-inch screen for stunning visuals. For cameras, it might have a 30-megapixel rear camera and 10-megapixel front lens. It might also include waterproof technology, infrared sensors and 5G Network Connection.

GalaxyS7 also added that it might also have a bigger HMP cyclone technology, the same technology used in latest iPhone devices. But for Samsung, it will support 6 instructions per cycle making its performance two times faster than Galaxy S6, the report added.