Samsung Galaxy S7 news: Leaked promotional material shows initial lineup


The upcoming new flagship series of South Korean tech giant Samsung had been the topic of various rumors and leaks recentlyrenders, alleged live images, and speculated information regarding its release date and plans for the different variants that it will be coming out with. This time, a rumored part of a promotional material for the launch of the new series has been leaked, suggesting the initial lineup of device variants from the Galaxy S7 line.

In a new tip revealed by famed mobile leaker Evan [email protected] on Twitteran alleged portion coming from a promotional material for the new Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship line of smartphones showed that Samsung is planning to release at least three different variants of their new series.

Unlike how it was done for the current Galaxy S6 line, where the Galaxy S6 edge+ variant came after a few months of the initial release, this time Samsung seems to be taking the release of the Galaxy S7 series a little further, giving fans and users “more” choices to choose from. As shown in the leaked image, it appears that Samsung is planning to release the standard Galaxy S7 variant, the Galaxy S7 edge, and the bigger dual-curved Galaxy S7 edge+.

Oddly, the bigger version of the standard variant, the galaxy S7+ was not found on the image that was shownwhich could mean that it was on another portion of the promotional material that was not shown in the leak, or Samsung may have not included it in their plans at all.

It has been long rumored that the new Galaxy S7 flagship series will run under two different processorsone running under the new Snapdragon 820, that will sell in China and the U.S. and the other one that runs under the Exynos 8890, which will be sold internationally.