Samsung Galaxy Note 7 scratches news, update: Corning affirms Gorilla Glass 5 cannot be scratched easily


The video showing that the Gorilla Glass 5 in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was easily scratched broke out a few days ago, which Corning denied.

Speaking with AndroidAuthority, Corning Vice President of Technology Jaymin Amin, and Corning business technical director Jon Pasansky denied that their Gorilla Glass 5 is prone to scratches. According to Amin, “The test that was conducted in the video is obviously not a bonafide industry test. It’s using Mohs hardness picks but it’s in an uncontrolled manner.”

He also had doubts about the loads used, whether those were changing throughout the test. Pasansky reiterated that the Mohs pick that scratched the glass in the video, which has a hardness rating of 3, cannot possibly scratch the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s screen with hardness rating of 5 to 6. He stated that this “has been validated several times during the development process here at Corning.”

To explain the scratches seen in the video, they stated that they might be “material transfer on the test substrate,” which usually happens when using a softer pick on a glass material.

“Material transfer on the test substrate is not necessarily a scratch but it can appear to the untrained eye as a pretty visible scratch,” Amin explained. 

“Certainly in the testing we’ve done internally, we don’t see that issue at all with similar picks on the Mohs hardness scale,” he added.

However, even if the Gorilla Glass in the Galaxy Note 7 is really harder and stronger as advertised, users are still not advised to drop their phones as a screen replacement will cost $270, The Verge reported. This is considerably higher than Apple’s screen for the iPhone 6s Plus, which is the most expensive one at $150.

According to the report, this might be Samsung’s way of persuading users to sign up to their two-year Protection Plus Plan priced at $129.