Samsung Galaxy Note 7 news: Samsung to begin mass production of 5 million units this July


Recent reports have pointed out that the long rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 6 or Galaxy Note 7, or whatever it may end up being official called as would enter mass production sometime around July and it is said to be the flagship phablet with the biggest initial supply to date, indicating a high expectation from the South Korean tech giant as to the perceived performance of the new flagship.

According to a report by South Korea’s ET News, Samsung Electronics is already gearing up to enter the mass production process for its upcoming and highly anticipated new flagship phablet. The South Korean tech giant is said to be gathering parts and completing all necessary preparations before it enters production sometime around next month.

Also, the company is set to enter the biggest initial production yet for a Samsung Galaxy Note device to date. The company will allegedly mass produce more or less 5 million units of the new Galaxy Note 7. There are supposedly two batches. The company would be producing 2.5 million units for the month of July and another batch of 2.5 million units for the month of August, which could mean that all 5 million units will be available for consumers by the time the rumored launch date comes around.

Its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 5, also had 5 million units produced as the initial supply, but was produced with a longer time span of three months.

For the first time in the Galaxy Note series, Samsung is said to have chosen the dual curved edge variant to be the primary model for the new flagship phablet. There had been a time when Samsung first introduced the edge variant for the Galaxy Note series, specifically for the Note 4, but the said variant did not last long as it was perceived to have been done more to test the technology rather than to fully adapt it for the Note phablet series.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be launched on Aug. 2.