Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release date: Leaked teaser hints phablet will have curved edge display


The rumors about Samsung’s next flagship handset device, which will also be the next installment in the Galaxy Note family, continue to mount with the latest news being about a leak regarding the Galaxy Note 7’s display.

A source sent Phone Arena an image regarding the Korean tech giant’s much rumored new handset device, teasing some aspects of the Galaxy Note 7. Allegedly, the source managed to get a sample image of the teaser, which shows a dark field with part of the supposed Galaxy Note 7 in the middle outlined by a bright blue light.

The teaser corroborates the previous reports of the next Samsung Galaxy Note handset device being given a label change, rumors speculate that the company might be considering skipping a number in the Galaxy Note line.

Rumors suggest instead of being called the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, after its predecessor the Galaxy Note 5, the new device will allegedly now be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as part of the company’s efforts in streamlining its families of brands.

Furthermore, the teaser indicated that the Galaxy Note 7 will also feature a curved edge display, meaning that the edges of phone’s display screen will extend past the housing’s own edges and curve toward the back. If true, then the teaser will also corroborate the other rumor about the Galaxy Note 7 which suggested that it will have curved edges.

Another aspect of the teaser were the words “write on the edge of something great” with the words “edge” and “something great” written in bold. The outline of the phone also featured the outline of a thin, cylindrical object, which could refer to the new version of the S-Pen.

As for the other aspects of the phone, an image shared by Price Raja suggested that the device will also feature an iris scanner. The image was of an alleged screenshot of the Galaxy Note’s settings window, showing its security features. Written in Korean and Chinese, a translation of the words on the images reportedly indicate the three choices at the bottom were for the fingerprint scanner and the pin code for the first two, with the third choice supposedly reading “use iris.”

With no official confirmation from Samsung however, all of the above should be taken with a grain of salt. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is speculated to launch soon, with an announcement possibly in July.