Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release date, specs news: 6 GB RAM variant appears in TENAA listing

An image of the Galaxy Note 7 that caused problems for Samsung and its customers last year. (Samsung Mobile)

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may still get the rumored 6 GB random access memory (RAM) variant after all, as documents from China prove that the device would be having an updated variant sporting more memory under the hood.

It was rumored before the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the newest flagship phablet from the South Korean tech giant was released that the device would sport a massive 6 GB of RAM, since users were expecting an upgrade from the 4 GB of RAM that was found in the previous Galaxy Note 5. The rumors about such specification started strong, but eventually, it became clearer and clearer that the device would come with no memory upgrades or additional power to it whatsoever.

The device was then officially launched last Aug. 2 with only 4 GB of RAM. Seemingly, talk about a 6 GB variant would have died down. But it didn’t. Just when users were beginning to think that Samsung had decided to end the trend of introducing upgrades in both RAM and read-only memory (ROM) for every new model in the Note series, new information has come out that proves otherwise.

As it turns out, the long rumored 6 GB RAM variant of the phablet might have just been delayed for a bit, as it seems to be coming soon.

Just recently, the device’s listing at TENAA China’s certification agency when it comes to mobile devices confirmed that there had been changes and updates when it comes to the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. While the Galaxy Note 7 was indeed launched with only 4 GB worth of RAM, the new variant will be coming with 6 GB worth of RAM and also with more ROM at 128 GB.

However, no official statement has been given as to when users can expect this new variant to be released.