Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release date, specs rumors: doubts surface about iris scanner after a new leak surfaces


Several rumors and reports online are pretty confident that the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be equipped with an all-new iris scanner to serve as some kind of biometric security feature. And while everything has been pure speculation, a new set of leaked images could be the most daring proof of the feature’s existence. However, there seems to be some confusion and doubt as to its effectiveness.

A recent report said that based on the South Korean tech company’s instructions for the new feature, the user needs to hold the phablet at least 10 inches away from the face and position the eyes in the circles that are displayed on the screen of the device. Now that’s pretty inconvenient the way the instructions sound.

Android Authority first reported on the leaked images, where it is shown that the typical “Lock screen and security” tab on the Android-run phone will have a new option called “Irises” found below the “Fingerprint” tab. Accordingly, tapping that new option will correspond to a pop-up appearing, where the user will be prompted to read the disclaimer, which specifically hands out several important reminders, such as the fact that the feature might not work if the user has eyeglasses or is wearing contact lenses.

Moreover, the same iris scanner feature may also be useless for those who previously underwent eye surgeries and had iris-related problems that resulted to specific treatment procedures. Likewise, the effectiveness may be affected for users experiencing some kind of eye disease.

With all those limitations, there’s a strong possibility that the feature could become more of a drawback than an important selling pitch for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7, although users can simply ignore or deactivate the feature should they feel it’s useless. Nonetheless, the iris scanner still remains to be quite an intriguing addition to the new phablet.