Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release date, specs rumors: Hugely popular phablet needs no introduction


There is no other upcoming Samsung smartphone out there that’s getting more attention than the Galaxy Note 7. And while the release date is fast approaching, more and more information about the phablet are surfacing with each passing day.

Although there is a bit more to be desired with the South Korean company’s choice of hardware, the inclusion of exciting features a couple of which are new ones make the device a must-have even if it isn’t available yet. Of all the expected features though, it looks like the decision to switch to the brand new USB-C connection and ditch the conventional micro-USB has to be the most intriguing.

Per Forbes, Samsung will be putting in some remarkable additions to the Galaxy Note 7 other than the USB-C, and the highlights are the alleged compatibility with the Samsung Gear virtual reality (VR) headset, a dual-lens camera, and probably the latest and upcoming Android Nougat mobile operating system (OS).

But one glaring question is how will the tech giant be able to make the upcoming device work with the Gear VR when it plans to get rid of the micro-USB port? For starters, the only way at least at this point in time a handset or device can be connected to the VR headset is through the micro-USB. According to the same report, Samsung could easily make a way around it by handing out an updated VR headset with USB-C connectivity. After all, it certainly looks like most other competing smartphone brands are likely to switch to USB-C, too.

At this point, nothing really is concrete with regard to the actual specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7, especially with two benchmarking sites revealing very different details, including that of the phablet’s random access memory (RAM) and OS. The only way to figure out which of the rumors are really true is to wait for Samsung to make its official revelation of the device’s specs and features. But there’s no telling when that will be.