Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumors: Waterproof, iris scanner rumored for new flagship phablet device


The upcoming phablet flagship of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, is once again hot on the rumor mill, as a set of new reports point out features that users can expect when it gets launchedwater and dust proofing feature as well as the possible addition of a new biometrics security feature, this time an iris scanner.

According to a recent report by Sam Mobile, sources have “confirmed” that the South Korean tech giant will indeed release the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 phablet flagship as a dust and water resistant device due to the rumored IP68 certification that the device will have. The IP68 certification will make the Note 6 withstand dust damage as well as water damage of up to 1.5 meters deep in a span of up to half an hour.

Should this rumor prove to be true, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 would be the first Samsung phablet to sport the aforementioned proofing feature. The IP68 certification is the same feature that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship smartphone has.

Aside from being waterproof and dustproof, the upcoming Galaxy Note 6 is also expected to come with an all-new biometric scanner feature. In addition to a possible fingerprint scanner, the Note 6 is expected to come with an iris eye scanner, too.

This came from a recently discovered export data over on Zauba, which pointed out that a certain “iris cam” was imported in the country for testing purposes and was meant to be used for a certain unspecified “Samsung Mobile” device.

While there had been no indication that the “iris cam” will be for the Note 6, speculations that it will be came up, since the Note 6 is the only premium Samsung device that is expected to be released soon.

Other rumored specs of the device include a 5.8-inch Slim RGB display, RAM of up to 6GB, and internal storage of up to 256GB worth.