Samsung Galaxy Note 6 rumors: Samsung working on a dual-OS phablet with special dock, patent application suggested


Samsung may very well take the competition within smartphones to yet another level, as the company is reportedly preparing to work on a phablet and laptop hybrid, which is expected to come for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 device.

According to a report by Patently Mobile, a new patent application from Samsung reveals the South Korean tech giant’s plan for a future phabletwhich is actually a hybrid of a phablet and a laptop. As per the patent application, Samsung is planning to make a docking system for their upcoming new phablet device. This new docking system will not be like any other ordinary docks, as not only will it provide an external keyboard, but it will also give the device a larger display, transforming it to something like a laptop with the display of the device now working as a touch pad. But the fun does not end there as the device talked about in the patent application is said to be a phablet that is able to boot on two different operating systems, depending on whether it is docked or not.

For example, if the Galaxy Note 6 is used as it is, it boots on an Android operating system. However, once it is docked, it changes system operation, and shifts into another onefor instance, it becomes a Windows 10 system.

Samsung further clarified in the patent application, “The storage may store a program to drive the phablet (electronic apparatus 100). Specifically, the storage may store a program which is a group of various commands which are necessary to drive the phablet. Herein, the program includes not only an application program to provide a specific service but also an operating program to drive an application program. Herein, the operating program may include the first operating system and the second operating system. Specifically, the first operating system may be an Android operating system which is driven in a smart phone, etc., and the second operating system may be a Windows operating system which is driven in a notebook PC, a desktop PC, etc.”

The patent application talked about here was applied way back 2014, but only made its way to be known online recently. Being a patent application, there is no indication on whether when users will be able to see the proposed technology come to lifeor if they will ever even do.