Samsung Chromebook Pro release date, specs: Premium laptop tipped to come with stylus


Samsung is looking to further expand their Chromebook line with the supposed release of its Pro variation.

To give potential buyers an idea of what they can expect from the laptop, reports suggest that the Chromebook Pro will be reminiscent of HP’s very own top-of-the-line notebooks. Earlier this year, the American multinational tech company unveiled the Chromebook 13 which has a premium feel and sports top-end features despite having a base price of $499. The display has 3,200 x 1800-pixel QHD+ resolution plus a 0.5-inch thick aluminum chassis. Intel Pentium and sixth-generation Skylake Core M5 processors power the laptop for a more flawless experience.

But since the South Korean company cannot just straight-up copy what is already out in the market, the company is also tipped to introduce some fresh features. This includes the supposed addition of an accompanying stylus which is currently big in the tech world. Should this come to fruition, this will be the first time that a virtual pen will be introduced in the Chromebook lineup.

Other rumored specifications for the Samsung Chromebook Pro include a 12.3-inch display with a 2,400 x 1600-pixel resolution, which is slightly smaller than the HP Chromebook 13. It will also have a full touchscreen display that rotates 360 degrees which partners well with its complementary stylus. Storage-wise, however, nothing special with the standard 32 GB built-in memory coupled with 4 GB of random access memory (RAM).

The price of the Chromebook Pro is also on par with the Chromebook 13 at $499. Unfortunately, it is a significant jump compared to its predecessors that typically sold for about $199 to $399. Then again, with its promise of better performance with a luxurious design, it is still a good buy compared to Windows-run laptops with similar specs and features.

No official launch date has been made but it is rumored to debut sometime this month.