Salem season 3 spoilers: will there be a third season after Mary's death?


In the episode finale of Salem season 2, Mary Sibley, who has been on a quest to protect her loved ones, ultimately sacrificed for her love, as she gave up her own life.

Mary (Janet Montgomery) gave her remaining blood to John Alden (Shane West) to help the latter survive. Earlier, Sebastian (Joe Doyle) drained most of Mary’s blood and left just enough for her to survive to convince Mary’s mother, the Countess (Lucy Lawless) of Mary’s death. It has come true when Mary was left with no choice but to give her remaining supply to John, who later woke up finding his love dead. Now that Mary is dead, will there be a sequel to the series?

It turns out there will be. Fashion & Style confirmed that show co-creator Brannon Braga revealed of a third season renewal for Salem. With this, there is a possibility that Mary will be resurrected in Salem season 3, while leaving an open option of not having her revived. Meanwhile, Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) is hinted to be up for a major character in season 3, possibly as a new witch queen who continues to manipulate Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel). Cotton may play as the new George Sibley, which can prompt Anne to further influence him to run the town, but we may now see Cotton escaping from Anne’s clasps in the next season.

Salem creators will be at the Comic Con on July 11 for a discussion on the series and possibly answering questions regarding the series.

Salem is an American supernatural fiction, drama, and thriller focusing on the story of Salem witch trials, which were popular in the 17<sup>th century. In the storyline, the Puritans run the government, where questionable acts are carried out such as punishing innocent people and controlling the daily lives of people. Amidst this, the story finds love between Mary Sibley and a war veteran captain John Alden.