'Sailor Moon Crystal' season 4 news: Characters that may be involved


The third season of the rebooted animated series “Sailor Moon Crystal” has just ended and it is said that it has been one of the best seasons in the series so far. As such, many are now anticipating a fourth season that will raise the bar for the anime. Fans have also made some predictions on what they would want to see in the next season.

Season 3 ended with the three main characters Chibiusa, Mamoru, and Usagi seeing an eclipse. While witnessing the astronomical event, one of the girls was able to hear a ringing bell before the episode ended. There are rumors that the bells that were heard were coming from Pegasus.

The third installment proved to be the strongest season in the entire series since it offered more character development for the characters in the show.

There are predictions with what may happen next or at least what fans are wishing would happen in the next season of “Sailor Moon Crystal.” The three cats in the show, which are Luna, Artemis, and Diana, only remained as animals even as the show progressed. However, their human forms were shown in the manga series of “Sailor Moon.” Viewers of the show are hoping that their human forms will be present in the animated series as well.

Another prediction that could possibly fuel the plot arc of the fourth season is the appearance of the Outer Senshi. It is said that they will have a huge involvement in the Dream Arc of the next season.

Possibly, a new Sailor Senshi team will also come into the picture for the next season, which is said to include Sailor Vesta, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno, and Sailor Ceres. The Sailor Quartet were introduced during “Sailor Moon Super S” and hopefully they will also return during the next season.

There are still no announcements regarding the premiere of the fourth season of “Sailor Moon Crystal.”