Rumored 'X-Men' & 'Fantastic Four' Crossover: fans may get anticipated mash-up in mystery 2018 film


Up until this moment, there is an unconfirmed Marvel mystery movie that Fox has locked down for July 13, 2018, and many people are now speculating that this could be the highly rumored X-Men and Fantastic Four crossover film.

According to a report by Slash Film, Fantastic Four 2 is scheduled for July 14, 2018, only a day apart from the mystery film.

The crossover hinges on two potential predecessors — the reboot of Fantastic Four by Josh Trank and X-Men: Apocalypse by Bryan Singer. In keeping with the seeming trend of sharing a universe, this rumored crossover is not completely an impossibility despite unverified reports.

This has been exciting the fans from all over the world. The rumor has been floating in the horizon of the entertainment world for years now, and given the new shared universe concepts prevailing lately, it has become more likely than before.

The filming heavens might actually consider eventually giving in to this much-requested mashup of characters and plots.

However, according to Cinema Blend, one of the things that also need to be settled is the fact that the recent offerings for X-Men and Fantastic Four have discrete universes that do not necessarily intersect. This might pose a lot of plot inconsistencies that might lead to the film’s undoing.

Worth noting is whether the two groups will be together or fight against each other in the crossover. Confirmation still needs to be made from the Marvel execs if this will actually happen. In the meantime, there are other films that are certainly slated for release that are worth looking into.

Screen Crush revealed some of the scheduled films for release by Marvel, and between the window of 2016 and 2018, the following films will have been scheduled: Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse, Gambit, The Wolverine 2, Fantastic Four 2, and the Mystery Superhero film previously mentioned.