Royal Pains season 8 spoilers: Producers treating season 8 as show finale; Jeremiah Sacani coming back in Season 8


Royal Pains has been renewed by USA Network for two eight-episode seasons last year, and this has prompted the producers to think that season eight could as well be its last.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, both Michael Rauch and Andrew Lenchewski have developed the impression after the “renewal waiting game” last  fall resulted in the show being picked up for Seasons 7 and 8 with eight episodes each.

As a result, THR said, they are now forcing themselves to think that Season eight will be their last as they develop the upcoming season’s episodes.

“The thought of not being able to end a show that we love and characters whom we love so much with the proper ending would have been heartbreaking,” Rauch told THR. He then said that the production is assuming that the season finale for season 8 is the end of the series itself, so that they can “plan accordingly.”

Rauch also said in the interview that, while USA Network has not made an official announcement on the fate of Royal Pains, he finds it apt to think of Season 8 as the end since no show in the network has even run for more than eight seasons.

For his part, Andrew Lenchewski said that if Season 8 is the last, he is still thankful that they have been given the opportunity to properly end the show and not close on a cliffhanger.

Not all news is bad, however, because a character that has not appeared in the finale for Season 7 has been confirmed to return for the eighth season.

According to Carter Matt, Jeremiah Sacani has been confirmed to appear for Season 8 after Rauch posted a photo in Twitter showing Ben Shenkman and Mark Feuerstein shooting a scene.

With season eight being thought of as a finale for Royal Pains, the article said that it would be interesting to see how the relationship between Jeremiah and Hank turns out in the finale episode.