'Rogue One' news: Possible character details revealed


While fans of the “Star Wars” franchise are a bit disappointed by the fact that the next installment for the current trilogy is delayed for more than half a year, “Star Wars” spin-off “Rogue One” will be a relatively shorter wait.

Making Star Wars started early when it comes to rummaging clues about the upcoming movie spearheaded by Gareth Edwards. Since the story is set between “Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge of the Sith” and “Star Wars: Episode I- A New Hope,” speculations of a Darth Vader appearance is taking over the Internet. It makes sense as during that point, the Skywalker patriarch was at his darkest and most powerful. Other than Vader’s role, new characters might also be taking the center stage as either heroes or villains in the movie.

As per the official poster for the movie, fans know that Felicity Jones will be leading the pack and a report by Cinema Blend pointed that her character’s name maybe Lyra Erso with the code name Green Seal Leader. Jiang Wen is called Seal Communicator Blue, Forest Whitaker’s character is called Eel Commander, and Alan Tudyk’s droid will be named Seal Droid.

Breaking down the names thoroughly, Slash Film concluded that the villains of the film have codenames related to sharks while the good guys have Seals as their aliases. If this turns out to be true, then Tudyk’s motion capture character will be some kind of a battle droid.

As of now, these do not give hints regarding the plot of the story which will revolve around a group of rebel fighters trying to steal the plan for the Death Star which eventually will end at Princess Leia’s (Carrie Fisher) hands. Fans need to wait until Dec. 16 to find out how the film will go down.