'Star Wars: Rogue One' rumored to bring back Airspeeders; Young Han Solo rumored to make an appearance in the spin off


The “Star Wars” franchise continues to expand their reach as they release their first ever stand alone, non-episodical movie in the space saga later this year with “Rogue One.” But just because the movie will not follow the traditional trilogy timeline, this does not mean that it will not feature the same elements that its parent series has. It will allow old elements of the saga to be re-introduced to new films in a brand new light.

As previously reported, there is a chance that the dark menacing variants of the Stormtroopers called Shadow Troopers will appear in “Rogue One” especially as the lightsaber wielding soldiers have just been copyrighted by Disney, which now owns the rights to the franchise.

Another familiar element is reportedly making an appearance in the movie – airspeeders. The tip came from “Rogue One” cast member Donnie Yen’s wife, Cissy Wang, who took a photo of the supposed space vehicle during the New York Lego event and uploaded it on her official Instagram account with the caption “So cool visiting Times Square’s Star Wars Lego display! Looks exactly like the real thing when visiting hubby on.” Interestingly, the photo has been relatively unnoticed in the last 15 weeks after Wang posted the aforementioned snap.

The repulsorlift vehicles were very popular means of transportation back in “Star Wars: Episode V Empire Strikes Back” and if they do appear in “Rogue One,” it is interesting to know how they will look like and be incorporated in the story.

In light of the ongoing rumors of already established “Star Wars” characters having their own appearance in the film, latest reports suggest that a young Han Solo will also be playing a part in “Rogue One.”

Webiste Making Star Wars pitched that with the role almost nearly cast, Disney and LucasFilms Ltd. may be looking to incorporate the character in the heist film despite the Han Solo anthology movies will be set eight years before “Rogue One.”

Furthermore, the supposed character will be playing a Boshek type of worker which refers to a male human who works as a smuggler and a pilot for hire which is a similar occupation description to Han’s job when Obi Wan (Sir Alec Guinness) and Luke (Mark Hamill) first met him in the Cantina back in “Star Wars: Episode I – A New Hope.”

“Rogue One” is set to hit theaters on Dec. 16.