'Rogue One' cast news: Mads Mikkelsen says character isn't 'a bad guy'; Rooney Mara explains why she didn't take the role


After the massive success of “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens,” expectations are high for the spinoff of the space saga, “Rogue One.” Slated to come out December of this year, there is still little confirmed information about the movie which will technically tie up “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope” with its premise set in between the movies.

Aside from the setting and the overall story of the movie which will follow a group of Rebellion fighters stealing the plan for the Death Star, no other specifics were given by LucasFilms and Disney. Because of this, die hard “Star Wars” fans dig up anything that might give some idea on who are on the light and who are on the dark side.

ComicBook.com reported that Mads Mikkelsen’s character in the movie may not be a villain after all. The actor was quoted saying “No, my character is actually not a bad guy and then I cannot say more.” Cinema Blend further dissected the sentence explaining that it can actually go both ways. Either Mikkelsen is with the Rebellion or he is just simply not the traditional bad guy, but villainous nevertheless.

Meanwhile, it seemed like there was a possibility that fans may have had a different Lyra Erso other than Felicity Jones had things gone better with Rooney Mara when she met “Rogue One” director Gareth Edwards. The Academy Award nominee recently told Deadline that although she did not read for the part, she was at one point in the running for the lead role in the spinoff.

“I didn’t read for it. I met with the director (Gareth Edwards) and I really liked him but then I didn’t end up reading for it. I was working and it wasn’t the right thing for me, so I decided not to read for it. I was on a film. I was working six day weeks and it was just like it wasn’t going to be possible,” Mara shared.

“Rogue One” is slated to come out Dec. 16 with the first trailer rumored to be attached to “Captain America: Civil War” which will hit theaters this May.