'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' spoilers, news: Mads Mikkelsen calls Galen Erso 'the most guilty man in the world'


Following a couple of weeks’ worth of hints backing the theory that Galen Erso may not necessarily be a bad guy in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” Mads Mikkelsen provides new details about his character that may further solidify the claim.

During an exclusive conversation with IGN while promoting his latest flick, “Doctor Strange,” the actor revealed that Jyn’s (Felicity Jones) father may be carrying some burden inside of him with regard to his involvement in building the first Death Star.

“He’s not in a super nice position. So, I mean, leaving is a big word. I mean he didn’t really have a choice,” he said while noticeably being very careful and picky with his words given the secrecy that is shrouding the Gareth Edwards film. “But, I think he’s the most guilty man in the world and I think that’s been very hard to cope with. But, if there was a way out of there, he would have taken it.”

It can be remembered that during the early stages of the film’s promotions, Galen was perceived as somewhat of a bad guy with him technically responsible for creating the weapon of mass destruction. But as the weeks and months passed, more details about him and his family were revealed and it became apparent that he was somewhat a victim in all of this, which seemingly connects to what Mikkelsen said in his interview.

Prior to making an appearance in any of the publicity materials, the Erso patriarch was very much a mysterious man which is why some fans believed that his character wouldn’t be revealed until the movie’s premiere. This impression, however, got shattered in the last full trailer of “Rogue One” which is very Galen-centric. Even Jyn, who was presumably rebelling from his father given their family’s history, seems to be almost concerned with retrieving the plans for the Death Star as much as she is concerned with saving his father from Orson Krennic’s (Ben Mendelsohn) hands.

While it is still unknown whether the father and daughter will have a reunion before hell breaks loose, the movie as a whole is expected to ax a couple of if not all the new characters. A split-second shot in the trailer features an explosion with a couple of Stormtroopers gathered around as well as Galen and Krennic. It might be the space scientist’s last-ditch effort in foiling the plans of the Empire in terms of building the Death Star, which, by canon, will be anything but a success.

In the event however that it was Galen who snuck in an Achilles heel in the overall design of the Death Star via an exhaust port that paved the way for its obliteration, it would still count as win for him in his chess game with Krennic

Mikkelsen maybe a good guy trapped in a bad situation in “Star Wars” anthology but he definitely plays a villainous role as Kaecilius in Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Doctor Strange” out on Nov. 4. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” on the other hand, debuts on Dec. 16 in North America, and comes a day early on Dec. 15 in the United Kingdom.