'Rocket League' season 2 updates, spoilers: Revisions based on problems identified and fixed


Psyonix, developer of “Rocket League” has released updates on its second season titled “Competitive Matchmaking.” From its official website, it acknowledged that they have checked all of the concerns they have received and confirmed there is a “problem with the lack of visibility on where you stand within a Skill Tier.” The developer also confirmed that they have already solved this with the addition of a Division indicator, so players will know their standing at any given Skill Tier.

Season 2 will now have five divisions: Division I to V, with Division V as the highest. A numerical Skill Rating was also added to help players know their standing.

The developer also mentioned two other issues they intended to fix. Firstly, according to Psyonix, players in “Champion Tier” (those at the highest level of Skill) lack the aspirational goal of reaching “Platinum” in the first season, due to its wide range of player skills. The second issue mentioned was the lack of means to measure the distance required to reach the leaderboards.

To solve this first issue, the developer added three new Skill Tiers to provide distinction of the superior players. It has increased its Tiers to a total of 15. The new additions are called “Grand Champion” (Tier 15), “Super Champion” (Tier 14) and “Champion” (Tier 13). Consequently, this addition of “Champion Tier” resulted in the revision of the “Star Tier” names and icons. Previously known “Champion” now has a name “Superstar” (Tier 12), while Tier 11 and Tier 10 was also revised to “All-Star” and “Shooting Star.” respectively.

Psyonix also reported additional “bug fixes” done on the new season, such as “Stocked” Trophy/Achievement now only required unlocking 150 items, in lieu of the original quota: 200 items. The developer also confirmed it has solved a “problem that caused CPU utilization on some PCs to increase unnecessarily.”

The developer has not announced the exact release date but rumors are spreading that it might come out any time soon.