'Rocket League' DLC news: Psyonix CEO teases new games; new 'Hoops' DLC announced


With the critical and commercial success that “Rocket League” got from players, Psyonix is planning to make up for the backlog that was left in the studio as they focused solely on the hit racing and football hybrid game. As reveled by Psyonix CEO Dave Hagewood, the company is getting ready to release new “awesome” and “exciting” content that aim to follow the success of “Rocket League.”

In a recent interview for the May issue of Game Informer magazine as reported by GameSpot, Psyonix CEO Hagewood discussed what is coming next from their studio following the tremendous success of “Rocket League,” and what this success could mean for the future of the studio.

“We have this massive backlog of really awesome things,” Hagewood said. “We’re trying to do this hybrid approach now where we put everything we can back into ‘Rocket League,’ but are also developing new projects, new exciting things, that we hope to reveal at some point.”

With the success of the game, Hagewood said that they hope to get past behind their days of doing contractual work for others but rather now invest in developing and enhancing their own franchises.

“We’re definitely all in on ‘Rocket League,’ but we have a pretty large team, actually, compared to what it took us to build ‘Rocket League’ in the first place,” Hagewood explained. “It’s more than what we actually need to be all in on ‘Rocket League,’ to do almost everything we want to do to continue ‘Rocket League.’ We do want ‘Rocket League’ to be this base that kind of replaces that contract work revenue that kept us stable for so long.”

In other news, and all new DLC pack is coming to the game sometime around this month. As teased previously via the official Twitter account of “Rocket League,” the new and upcoming DLC would be centering on a basketball theme of gameplay, a slight deviation from the game’s football theme. The new DLC would be called “Hoops,” and would include, among others, a new battle arena called Dunk House.

The new Dunk House arena features a battleground that emulates the appearance of a basketball court, complete with the hoop and the board, and with the cars doing what appeared to be the closest exhibition possible to a dunk that these battle cars can take.