Rizzoli & Isles season 6 episode 4 spoilers: search for answers leads to murky world of art forgery; Maura to face suspension in next episode?


Rizzoli and Isles will have to dabble in the world of art forgery in the upcoming episode of the show entitled Imitation Game.

According to the episode synopsis, “An infamous thief is murdered, plunging Jane and Maura into the shady world of art heists and forgery. Meanwhile, Jane tangles with an FBI agent, and a new man enters Angela’s life.”

A report on Movie News Guide hints at an exciting episode as Maura and Jane are once again plunged into an unfamiliar world to them. In the last episodes, the two had to immerse themselves in the world of competitive fishing while they also had to clear Frankie’s name after he was involved in the shooting of a man in the season’s first episode.

What makes the fourth episode even more challenging is the added conflict of an FBI agent breathing down their necks. Angela’s mystery man is also a source of mystery.

Meanwhile, Maura will be in hot water in Episode 5 and she may even be suspended.

The episode synopsis released by entertainment site Carter Matt for the July 14 episode states: “A crime tech is murdered, shocking the team. It’s soon suspected the tech tampered with evidence, leading Maura to be suspended from her position.”

The episode entitled the Misconduct Game, is expected to explore how Maura would deal with her suspension and how Jane would work the case without her.

It seems like Season 6 promises to be an exciting one for the characters of Rizzoli and Isles as the gang finds themselves embroiled in one conflict after the other.

“We very consciously aimed at not having a cliffhanger last season. When we started talking about what we would do, and how we would end last season, we did start having very general conversations about ‘What are the stories that can be told? What are the stories that really worked in the past? And is there a way we can recreate the emotional experience those stories created? How can we do that again?’ When we looked at season six, there were some good and fun things that stood out,” showrunner Jan Nash told The Hollywood Reporter prior to the airing of the Season 6 premiere.