'Rise of the Tomb Raider' trailer, news: 'Woman vs Wild' episode 1 sees Lara Croft up against avalanche, vicious animals


The upcoming role-playing game “Rise of the Tomb Raider” has been treated with another gameplay footage showing protagonist Lara Croft fighting off vicious animals as she tries to survive in the hostile landscape. 

The first part of the “Woman vs. Wild” series, featured as an almost five-minute trailer titled “Harsh Environment,” puts Lara in surroundings where she utilizes her all-new skills against dangerous wildlife and enemies alike. 

The narrator states, “In her last adventure, Lara glimpsed something that hints as a proof of immortal soul. Realizing that the world isn’t quite as it seems, she became driven in her search for answers. As Rise of the Tomb Raider begins, Lara uncovers clues in her father’s research that offer glimmer of hope. Sending her to a perilous path. A journey that pits her against a ruthless organization known as Trinity, in a race to find the secret of immortality.”

Some of the scenes show Lara on an avalanche that separates her from her friend Jonah. Equipped with a pickaxe, she scavenges equipment and uses her creativity to build things and weapons she can use along the way. As she combats bear, wolves and cheetahs, her resourcefulness is tested as she crafts special ammunition, stockpiles medical supplies, and upgrades her signature bow. 

Meanwhile, hunting rewards her with abilities that she can use in basecamps such as using animal pelts for gears. The player can also choose the kind of difficulty they want to try out stealthy, aggressive or something in between. 

It also shows the Hubs two to three times larger than what has been included in its predecessors. Inside the place, Lara gets a chance to accept missions from local residents known as remnants. Helping allies paves the way in accessing new areas, items and abilities. 

The next episode will tackle how she maneuvers the city occupied by Trinity forces despite being outgunned and outnumbered. 

“Rise of the Tomb Raider” is slated to hit the shelves for Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Nov.10, followed by the PC version on the first quarter of next year. PlayStation 4 owners, meanwhile, have to wait until the last quarter of 2016 for their iteration.