'Rise of The Tomb Raider' game news: Crystal Dynamics reveals complete achievements list


The much anticipated new game from Crystal Dynamics, Rise of The Tomb Raider, is coming in November. As the excitement builds up for the game, the developers have revealed the complete list of the game achievements that can be awardedas well as the Hidden Achievementsthat players will be working on to achieve.

As revealed by Major Nelson of Xbox, the Rise of The Tomb Raider has a total 56 basic Achievements, and 10 Hidden Achievements. The basic achievements award a total of 865 Points for the Xbox One.

Some of the highlights of the list include basic challenges including “No Stone Left Unturned” which awards 40 Points after achieving 100% game completion, to the weirdest ones like the “Paying Respects” award, which can be achieved by attending a funeral, and the “Was That Really Necessary?”, which unlocks after a player kills a poor animal with an explosive. The insane action awards 10 Points.

The Hidden Achievements, meanwhile, will not be available to view while locked in the game, but Major Nelson had revealed the list, which when completed, will amount to a total of 120 Points. It includes story-dependent achievements such as the “A Helping Hand” achievement, which will be unlocked after the player defends the Remnants from the Trinity invasion. “The Chosen Few” will be unlocked after uncovering of all of Jacob’s disciples. “The Key To It All” will be unlocked after recovering the Atlas. And after surviving a night in the Siberian wilderness, the “Tougher Than She Looks” achievement will be awarded.

In other news, a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming and highly anticipated Rise of the Tomb Raider was recently released, entitled “Descent Into Legend”.

Exclusively revealed by Entertainment Weekly, the new trailer showed main heroine Lara Croft on her adventure in the gamefrom going through snowstorms to travelling on high mountain ranges, to entering ancient ruin and long-forgotten catacombs, unlocking mysteries and knowledge buried in deep secrets, all the while wielding various from of survival weapons, such as a bow and arrow.

The new trailer also showed a sneak peek on environmental puzzles that players must have Lara Croft solve in order to progress and unlock whatever there is on the other side.