‘Rick and Morty’ release date, rumors: Season 3 to air in July?

A promotional image for "Rick and Morty" (Facebook/RickandMorty)

Fans of “Rick and Morty” are still waiting for anything concrete regarding the airing of season 3. With rumors floating online, speculations of a July airing increases more than ever.

There are hints that give a glimmer of hope for a July airing of episode 2 of the third season. According to a report from Blasting News, fans can expect more previews “this summer,” as the show’s official website mentioned. Despite not giving any definite airing date, the creators do not fail in giving away details on the upcoming season’s plot and characters.

Writer Ryan Ridley shared in the Combinator podcast that Mr. Meeseeks will not be part of season 3.  “We’ve talked about how we’d bring back Meeseeks, and if we were … if we’re gonna bother to do it,” shared Ridley. Moreover, there were also reports that the writers are looking to explore new aspects for the new season.

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed that “Rickmancing the Stone” will be the title of the second episode. It will reportedly feature Rick as he attempts to free himself from the Galactic Federation Prison. Furthermore, Ridley also tweeted that Rick “won’t be going on more adventures until this summer.”

In addition, he said, “a pickle will rise,” to end his tweet. This has led to the speculations that Rick may turn into a vegetable in the new season. With the way the creators can surprise the fans, things can still change, as nothing is set in stone.

Meanwhile, Cnet reported that one of the show’s most recognizable accessories will be turned into a toy replica. Funko is set to release a Portal Gun replica in November, showcasing all of the gadget’s key elements. The replica comes with a red display, three plastic emitters, a black knob, and a green plasma tube situated at the top.

The Portal Gun is used to create a green portal that allows inter-dimensional travel for Rick and Morty. To recreate how it works, “a variety of lights and noises” will come out when the trigger is pulled, said Funko.