‘Rick and Morty’ latest news: Rickmobile invades Boston this weekend

A screenshot from the "Rick and Morty - Alien" crossover clip. (YouTube/Adult Swim)

As fans of the hit animated series “Rick and Morty” patiently wait for the release of Season 3, followers in Boston will be in for a special treat this weekend.

According to a report by Metro, the Rickmobile will make a stop to Boston over the weekend. This is after it invaded different parts of New York the past week. The Rickmobile is a mobile shop that shaped like the character Rick from the popular cartoon series on Adult Swim. It carries limited amounts of merchandise coming from the animated science fiction show.

For its Boston stop, the Rickmobile will invade Newberry Street in front of The Hempest cannabis clothing shop on Saturday, May 20. It will be there from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Fans of the show can troop to the location to get hold of different kinds of “Rick and Morty” items. These include hats, posters, monopoly sets, and aluminum spaceships, among other things.

It is advisable though, for people to come ahead of time, as long lines can be expected. The Rickmobile’s official Twitter account posted a photo of one of their stops showing a huge crowd, with the caption “We’re just going to go ahead and say expect long lines at every top #Rickmobile.”

After its Boston invasion, the Rickmobile will drive off to Philadelphia on May 23. It will also go to Baltimore on May 24 and Falls Church on May 25. Additionally, these will be followed by several other stops happening practically on a daily basis. The final destination will be in New York City during the New York Comic Con on Oct. 8.

Meanwhile, a 45-second trailer featuring the show’s two protagonists in a cross-over with a “facechugger” from the movie “Alien: Covenant” exploded online last week. It showcased Rick and his grandson, Morty responding to a distress call from one of the Engineer’s ship.

Upon reaching the ship, a facehugger attacked Rick in the face. However, it died in just a matter of seconds. Rick then realized and explained that that “it died of toxicity due to all the drugs and alcohol” that was in his system.