‘Rick and Morty’ latest news: Bids for Szechuan sauce reach over $14,000

A promotional image for "Rick and Morty" (Facebook/RickandMorty)

Amid the happiness of “Rick and Morty” fans for the show’s return for a third season, there’s another thing that is keeping the excitement up.

According to a report from Polygon, one lucky fan who acquired an extra container of the famed McDonald’s Szechuan sauce have placed his jar in an eBay auction. The surprising part is the amount of money fans are willing to bid for it.

The current bid stands at $14,154, and had earlier on caught the attention of one of the show’s creators. “FYI: Somebody is selling their jug of Szechuan sauce,” posted Justin Roiland on Twitter.  The jar owner was not the one who posted on eBay. Instead, it was his buddy who goes by the eBay name of dark_falcon.

The auction is done to “settle some bills and help out a couple of charities in the process,” he said. “I would’ve opened up the sauce to taste, but I’d rather someone else enjoy this and I give part of the money to a worthy cause,” dark_falcon added. Furthermore, he also named Extra Life and Able Gamers to be some of the charities that will benefit from the sale.

Each of the charities will get 10 percent each, should a sale goes through.

Just before “Rick and Morty” season 3 resumed, Roiland happily tweeted that he received a package from McDonald’s. The post showed the contents. It had bottles of the fast food chain’s McNuggets Szechuan sauce. He also captioned his post with two words: “Holy ****,” signifying the end of his search for the iconic dip.

McDonald’s wittingly added some color on the bottles’ label through some references to the cartoon series. “For use only in McDonald’s restaurants during limited promotional window, and then maybe again twenty years later,” read the label.

Additionally, the label also read “DO NOT SERVE to mad scientists traveling with their teenage grandson.”