‘Rick and Morty’ crossed over with ‘Alien: Covenant’ in video clip

A screenshot from the "Rick and Morty - Alien" crossover clip. (YouTube/Adult Swim)

As fans of Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” animated series remain hopeful for a definite release date of its third season, the network released a surprising cross-over video clip.

The 45-second clip shows the grandfather and grandson duo flying through outer space. They do this to respond to a distress call from one of the Engineer’s ships. Upon reaching their destination, an alien that looks like one of the gruesome face huggers from the soon-to-be-released “Alien: Covenant” movie attacked Rick.

Rick eventually gets the alien off his face after the latter apparently dies. The mad scientist goes on to explain that “it died of toxicity due to all the drugs and alcohol” that was in his system. Morty goes on to say “thank God you drink all those drugs and alcohol.”

Meanwhile, The Verge mentioned that there is no confirmation if the video was a clip from the upcoming season. It could either be a marketing stunt or just a gag to get fans of the adult animated science-fiction show. Towards the end of the clip, however, the “Alien: Covenant” film, which opens in cinemas on May 19, is advertised.

Aside from the video clip, “Rick and Morty” also launched the “Rickmobile” this month. It is a Rick-shaped mobile store that will travel to different parts of the country, selling some of the show’s merchandise. Its first stop was Atlanta last May 11 then proceed to Brooklyn and Yonkers in New York on May 19. Its final destination will be at the New York Comic Con on October 8, 2017.

As for “Rick and Morty’s” third season, Adult Swim confirmed via Twitter that it come during summer of this year. The post last April read ““Aaaaaand that’s the way the news goes. Thanks for watching “The Rickshank Rickdemption”! More to come this summer…”

Furthermore, it was also confirmed that the content is already complete. The delay comes from the animation side of things.