'Rick and Morty' season 3 spoilers: Summer and Rick's ex-wife to tag along with Rick and Morty on adventures


As previously reported, Rick won’t be around at the start of the season since he was sent to jail after the end of season 2. However, show co-creator Dan Harmon told Den of Geek a month ago that Rick would not be spending too much time in prison.

Sources are saying that Rick’s unnamed ex-wife, Morty, and Morty’s older sister and Rick’s granddaughter, Summer, will appear in the first few episodes of the season as they try to bust Rick out of the Galactic Federation Prison. However, a Gromflomite prison general will be there to thwart their plans. According to rumors, Rick’s ex-wife is also going to tag along as he and Morty set their sights on their next adventure.

Will fans finally meet Rick’s ex-wife this season? How will the two interact?

Besides the Gromflomite, season 3 will feature other new characters and villains. Furthermore, reports reveal that Evil Morty will be part of the season as he stirs up trouble. Summer is also expected to join the duo in their adventures this season.

Sources say that the Interdimensional Cable plotline will also be revisited. Introduced in the season 1 episode titled Rixty Minutes, the Interdimensional Cable is a cable box that can access every TV show in the entire multiverse.

Of course, these are just mere speculations and rumors as of the moment, so fans will have to wait until the season airs to see the next adventures of “Rick and Morty.”

Meanwhile, one of the writers of “Rick and Morty” revealed that the upcoming season of the Adult Swim series was going to be the best season yet.

Here’s what Mike McMahan posted on his Twitter account.

McMahan told fans who are anticipating the return of “Rick and Morty” that season 3 would be worth the wait.

According to reports, “Rick and Morty” season 3 is expected to premiere sometime in February 2017.