'Rick and Morty' season 3 spoilers: Recurring theme, character teased by creators for new season


“Rick and Morty” is just approaching its third season but the show is already a gold mine for potential storylines that can either be revisited or launched on its own. One of which is the recurring theme of the “Interdimensional Cable.” Creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon admitted that while they are open to the possibility of bringing back the element once again for their third year run, they may opt to introduce a brand new narrative which can also eventually become a regular storyline in the animated series.

“Possibly, yeah, we’re figuring it out,” Roiland told Slashfilm, referring to the possibility of creating a new “Interdimensional Cable” episode for season 3. Roiland was with Harmon and writer Ryan Ridley when he met with the media outlet for a roundtable interview during the recently held San Diego Comic-Con.

The Interdimensional Cable first appeared in the “Rick and Morty” season 1 episode titled “Rixty Minutes.” It is a cable box invention of Rick’s which can access all of the TV shows in the entire multiverse.

“It’s very rough on production. It’s not an easy episode to make. We’re introducing something amazing we can’t say much about, but there’s probably room for both ultimately. I’d be down to do it,” Roiland added. “The connective tissue has to be different and Ridley’s got a really good pitch that [Harmon] hasn’t heard yet so we’re not going to talk about it here. It’s spoiler alert territory.”

Aside from the fascinating device, “Rick and Morty” is also tinkering with the possibility of bringing back a prominent character Meeseeks. Unfortunately, it seems that writers have not yet found a way to incorporate the fan favorite blue creature in a way that will justify his need to appear.

“Throughout the course of season three, we’ve had Meeseeks in two or three episodes and ultimately cut it,” Roiland explained. “It’s just like a background. It’s not really servicing something new. It feels too cutesy.”

Nevertheless, since production for the Adult Swim show is still ongoing, there is still a chance that Roiland and company will be able to make it work for Meeseeks.

With just two seasons under its belt, “Rick and Morty” has already been able to get a loyal following, all of whom are anticipating the arrival of the show’s third season. Unfortunately, an official premiere date has yet to be disclosed.