'Rick and Morty' season 3 spoilers, news: Will the upcoming season feature longer episodes?


Recently, the official Twitter account for “Rick and Morty” revealed details regarding the release date of the third season and it has caused some confusion among the viewers. There were some who tried to decode what the cryptic tweet meant. It is also said that the third season will feature new characters, as well as episodes with sad moments and more serious themes.

It has been reported that a recent tweet from the “Rick and Morty” account has been ambiguous and there are some fans who theorized what the tweet actually meant. The tweet said,” There you go the wait for season 3 is now 30 mins longer! Back to work for us.”

Some fans interpreted the tweet with pessimism, thinking that the show would not meet the deadline for their premiere this July. If this does mean that the third season has been delayed, fans are said to be disappointed. On the other hand, some viewers reacted to the tweet with optimism. There may be a chance that the new episodes that will be launched in the third season will now feature a 30-minute format.

It is said that the ex-wife of Rick may be introduced in one of the episodes in the upcoming season and it may have a very sad vibe. If this rumor is proven to be true, many are looking forward future episodes that might introduce Morty’s grandmother.

Another character said to also be introduced will be a counterpart of Morty specifically, it may be an evil version of him. It is possible that Evil Morty may cause some conflict between the characters in the third season.

There is no official statement from the creators of the show with regard to the premiere date of season 3. However, according to IMDB, the first episode may be released on July 26.