'Rick and Morty' season 3 spoilers, update: A new character is revealed, may hinder Rick's escape


“Rick and Morty” season 3 is coming soon, but what else is arriving for fans? Apparently, a new intergalactic officer is tightening the escape routes for Rick.

Concept art images released through the show’s official Twitter account provided a little insight into “Rick and Morty” season 3, Mobile & Apps reported. One of the two teaser images is a character named Gromflomite Prison General, as seen below.

According to iTech Post, it seems to be a hint that the Galactic Federation Prison is making it impossible for Rick to escape. The other image is that of Morty’s garage, which is described as “looking a little Rickless” because of how clean it is. This one indicates that the alcoholic scientist is still well behind bars, perhaps guarded by the threatening prison general.

Another character who is said to be featured heavily in “Rick and Morty” season 3 include Rick’s granddaughter, Summer. According to Movie News Guide, she is going to be instrumental to her grandfather’s escape.

The teenager has always shown disinterest in the shenanigans of her family, but this will show that she does care after all. Furthermore, Summer is also reportedly jealous of Morty’s relationship with Rick, so this move might be her way of getting closer to having the same bond with the crazy inventor.

Rick’s ex-wife is also being expected to show up, whom he left in favor of his inventions. It is unknown how she will play into the plot, whether she will be there for some drama or to add some more craziness and funny moments to the cartoon series.

With its impending premiere, it is advised that children stay away from this show no matter how cartoon-y and colorful it looks.

According to Movie Pilot, the entertainment rating website Common Sense Media rated “Rick and Morty” as a show for viewers aged 16 years old and above due to all the violence, gore, drugs, sex, and other elements only suitable for adults to watch.