'Rick and Morty' season 3 spoilers: fan theories get debunked with new updates


Over half a year since “Rick and Morty” season 2 drew to a close with a cliffhanger, fans are already at the edges of their seats wondering how the show will move forward.

The last time fans have seen the alcoholic scientist Rick and his easily swayed grandson Morty, the former has surrendered himself to the Federation to spare his family a vigilante life in “The Wedding Squanchers.” This is even though his kinsfolk has already pledged their loyalty to him and refused to leave him alone out of love.

Moving forward, creators Justin Rolland and Dan Harmon have been doing a great job in keeping plot arcs tightly under wraps so far for season 3. Because of the lack of any official updates, followers of the animated show have resorted to theories that can plausibly be the next narrative for “Rick and Morty.”

A couple of the most notable speculations include the lead characters weaving through time as well as Rick creating some sort of chaos inside the Federation jail where he will supposedly try to break out.

The time travelling notion can be a direct link to the Cartoon Network show being a “Back to the Future” spin-off. However, fascinating as the thought is of Rick and Morty going on a time travelling escapade, earlier reports have already cited Harmon dispelling any kind of ploy in the series.

On top of that, an article from Gizmodo basing on ideas by The Save Point Guild points out that instead of time travelling the grandfather and grandchild are moving through different dimensions. This connects to another report by iDigitial Times where the media outlet raised the possibility that the Rick from another Universe is the one inside the galactic penitentiary, while the original one from C-137 is currently free. It has also posed the notion that just like the scientist, Krombopulos Michael may be having the same thing going on.

As of now, it is still very difficult to gauge the feasibility of these theories. Fans would have to wait for “Rick and Morty” to come back with season 3 later this year.