'Rick and Morty' season 3 spoilers: Keith David's POTUS may return; team working on episode 2's notes session


Viewers may be delighted to find out that Earth’s president of the United States Keith David may return in the upcoming third season of Adult Swim’s hit animated series “Rick and Morty.”

The news came from the co-creator of the show Dan Harmon who took it to Twitter saying, “And we’re working on the return of The U.S. President at Rick and Morty as we speak! #AlwaysKeithDavid.” The latter was first asked by a fan if he has been asked to be a narrator in the show permanently to which he replied, “Not at that time, but @danharmon sort of mentioned that if something came up, he’d keep me in mind.”

It remains to be seen when will David’s POTUS will be shown or if it indeed comes to fruition. His chatacter was first introduced in the fifth episode of season 2 titled “Get Schwifty.”

In the said installment, Cromulons threatened to annihilate the world unless they heard a catchy new song. However, the request came after an earthquake hit the place where the Grammy Awards took place and killed all the famous musicians and artists. Only Ice-T was able to survive. The lead protagonists Rick and Morty had to collaborate with him to help save the Earth.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the creative and production teams of the show are recently working on episode 2 of the new season. A photo showing co-creator Justin Roiland and writers Jane Becker, Mike Mcmahon and Ryan Ridley was shared on Twitter alongside the caption, “Notes session for episode two, season three animatic…GET OFF YOUR PHONES!!”

It was previously shared that the writers have record drafts of up to episode 4 while first look on the production art has been unveiled featuring seven creatures alongside the words, “Feast your eyes on this season 3 production art. (Maybe the first release? I don’t know. Follow your bliss.)

Release date for season 3 of “Rick and Morty” has yet to be scheduled. As fans wait, they may get their hands on season 2 of the show in Blu-ray and DVD, to be launched on June 7. Pre-orders are now rolling out.