'Rick and Morty' season 3 spoilers: Beth's story to be moved forward, Beth and Jerry to get a divorce?


The third season of “Rick and Morty” is slated to premiere later this year, and fans are already looking forward to seeing what happens to Rick after he gave himself up to the Galactic Federation last season. In the season 2 finale, Rick allowed himself to be taken to an intergalactic prison so that his family daughter Beth, son-in-law Jerry, and grandchildren Morty and Summer could stop living life on the run. The Smith family were returned to Earth, and Jerry was given a job by the Federation.

When the show returns, it is expected that Rick will find a way to bust out of prison, but what happens to the rest of the Smith family in season 3? According to executive producer Dan Harmon, Beth and Jerry’s relationship will see a development in the upcoming season.

In the “Rick and Morty” season 2 DVD extras (via Geek.com), Harmon said that the next season is going to make more progress on Beth and Jerry’s relationship.

“I thought that Jerry and Beth getting a divorce would be like Kenny being killed in South Park, like, when we first conceived the show… that it would never run out of shelf life that was the kind of joke of like, oh all our parents were about to get a divorce,” Harmon said on the commentary track, adding that he thinks that millennial fans won’t understand and that they would just like the show to “recycle” Beth and Jerry’s plot.

“So, season 3 we kind of move the Beth story forward,” Harmon revealed.

Fans of the series are familiar with the couple’s relationship, as Beth has often expressed her disappointment in their marriage. Beth, whose ambition is to become a surgeon, gave up her dreams after giving birth to Summer at age 17. Moreover, Jerry’s insecurity and slacker ways have caused their marriage to slowly disintegrate.

But now that Jerry has a new job, it’s possible that things will get better for the couple. However, it’s also likely that Beth and the kids will resent Jerry for working for the ones responsible for Rick’s incarceration.

“Rick and Morty” season 3 is slated to premiere later this year on Adult Swim.