'Rick and Morty' season 3 spoilers: will 'Interdimensional Cable' arc continue?


Co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland dished on what’s coming next in the much awaited season 3 of Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty.”

According to iDigitalTimes, the duo behind the hit animated franchise has hinted that the new installment will follow a more serialized format compared to the first two seasons’ episodic run. It is predicted that the premiere will pick up from the sophomore season’s cliffhanger finale, with Rick locked up in Galactic Federation prison.

During their panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, Harmon described a preview of two brand-new episodes featuring Rick’s apparent alcoholism without actually mentioning the substance; while the other one seems to be a paradox, since the titular protagonist drinks but turns out to be not an alcoholic.

They also talked about whether they will continue the “Interdimensional Cable” series featured within the show and create a third episode, or focus on other storylines. “Possibly, yeah, we’re figuring it out,” Roiland stated.

“It’s very rough on production. It’s not an easy episode to make. We’re introducing something amazing we can’t say much about, but there’s probably room for both, ultimately. I’d be down to do it. The connective tissue has to be different and [writer Ryan] Ridley’s got a really good pitch that [Harmon] hasn’t heard yet so we’re not going to talk about it here. It’s spoiler alert territory,” he elaborated.

Moreover, they also unveiled a teaser clip during the convention. Although it remains to be seen what the overall story behind the episode is, it is deemed interesting as Rick turns himself into a pickle while engaging several menacing rats into a bloody and gory battle.

Another video showcased Roiland recreating an actual pretrial exchange between a defendant and a judge. Vulture notes that the footage quickly went viral as it features the bizarre but real exchange between honorable J. Bryant Durham Jr. and defendant Denver Fenton Allen. The latter, charged with murder, accused his attorney of throwing the case because Allen would not allow the lawyer to do sexual things to him.

Season 3 of “Rick and Morty” is expected to premiere sometime before 2016 ends.