'Rick and Morty' season 3 air date, spoilers: December 2016 release date rumors rouse fans' interests


Fans continue to hope for the imminent release of the hotly anticipated “Rick and Morty” season 3. But with the production crew silent these past couple of months, viewers are left with nothing but speculations on when exactly new content from the animated series will don the airwaves.

Back in January, co-creator Dan Harmon revealed that they were targeting a December rollout for the third season of the Adult Swim show. Based on what the production team has revealed publicly, the project has been moving along pretty smoothly as early as July and in the months that have passed; a year-end debut is very feasible. Nevertheless, fans should also give a little wiggle room for Harmon and his other collaborators should they need more time to work on “Rick and Morty” season 3. After all, they have been building up anticipation as well as trying to manage expectations by constantly reiterating that some of their best works will be showcased in the forthcoming installment.

Furthermore, the 43-year-old writer also spilled that they recently hired extra helping hands to hone a worthy successor to the massively popular two installments of the show. But aside from tapping additional manpower to amplify the production, Harmon explained that there is actually a deeper reason for doing so.

“We hired a bunch of new writers,” he said during a conversation with Den of Geek. “There was a craving for a gender balance in the writers’ room that we had never had, but I’m also very proud of the fact that we didn’t compromise ourselves following that craving. We just looked harder and I don’t know if it was coincidence or because the show was popping up on the radar of a lot of great female writers noticing, ‘Well, they don’t have any women writers in there. I’m gonna submit something.’ It was probably a combination of all those factors.”

So far, there have been a lot of rumors regarding where the narrative of the adventurous grandpa-grandson duo will go. However, one thing is for sure, the third season will not linger so much on the cliffhanger that was left hanging in the previous season. Furthermore, a serialized form of storytelling will be incorporated instead of the previous episodic format which leaves room to flesh out both old and new characters.