'RHOC' news: Vicki Gunvalson former partner Brooks Ayers to publish a tell-all book


After “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Vicki Gunvalson and former love Brooks Ayers split, Ayers revealed that he will be writing a book that will tell and divulge the different secrets of Gunvalson, as well as what he claimed as false storylines in the show.

In an interview last month, Ayers said, “They basically pitched me as this poor guy from Mississippi preying on a vulnerable, successful, self-made woman,” noted Page Six.

“I’m not bound contractually by anything to not share the intel about what transpires behind production, Bravo, what they try to do, etc,” he added.

Ayers, who have been accused of faking a cancer, seemed to hint that it was one of the false storylines of the show that stained his reputation. He said he did not fake his non-Hodgkin lymphoma as no one in his right mind would fake that.

He continued, “[She] hates my guts … and got paid handsomely the past three seasons to do nothing but bring drama into her own mom’s life regarding me. I’m going to expose all of that,” noted the same portal.

Meanwhile, in a rebuttal statement by Gunvalson, she said that it does not concern her if Ayers wrote a book, as the latter may write about anything he wanted. However, he may not write anything about her, her career, and other matters about her because of a written confidentiality agreement, noted Us Weekly.

However, Ayers said that he wanted the best for Gunvalson, the same way as the latter wanted the best for him, continued the same Page Six report. He also clarified that he is not doing this to take revenge, but more on to save his reputation. He said, “I’m a grown man and I want to do what I can do to rehab my reputation… and you can’t do it on reality TV.”

Amidst all the controversies, Gunvalson took on her Instagram account to remember her late mother, Joanne, who she lost a year ago. She wrote, “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her & I hope she hears me when I speak to her in heaven,” noted Korea Portal.