'Resident Evil 7' preview, latest news: new gameplay and prospect of deviating from usual zombie survival theme


“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard,” the newest installment in the “Resident Evil” video game franchise from Capcom is officially set for a launch next year and in the past few days, the game developer has been busy teasing fans with a couple of video teasers and trailers. And this time, there is a substantial change in this upcoming installment’s gameplay.

According to HNGN, the long running Capcom video game series will now be played from a first-person perspective, which obviously is a deviation from the previous third-person perspective featured in all the earlier versions of “Resident Evil.” The report added that the players will be taking on the persona of a civilian character, which likewise is a radical change as in the previous games the main characters were either soldiers or trained killers who knew how to kill without hesitation. So with this new development, does it mean it’ll be a lot harder to complete this game with an untrained character?

Another report claimed that “Resident Evil 7” may actually do away with the hardcore zombie survival concept it has been accustomed to for the past installments. Accordingly, the purpose is to give more emphasis on jump scares and other horror elements. This of course was confirmed when Capcom released a creepy gameplay demo last week that gave fans of the game an unlikely combination of scariness and excitement.

The very first game of the series was launched twenty years ago as a pure survival horror video game, but after a couple of installments, it eventually evolved into a more sophisticated gaming franchise, wherein there was more action and the incorporation of puzzle-solving and exploration of mysteries. “Resident Evil 4” became the first to use a third-person shooter concept, where shooting and carrying weapons became the focus.

The newest game in the series, “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” is slated for a worldwide release on Jan. 24, 2017.