'Resident Evil 7' release date: There may be new announcements for 7th installment of the franchise


The “Resident Evil” franchise has been around for a long time and fans are expecting a new announcement for the seventh installment of the game during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Capcom, the developer behind the famous franchise has already planned the games that they are set to release within the fiscal year. It is said that one of those games is the total remake of “Resident Evil 2.” However, the remake of the game is delayed and there are surrounding rumors that this is because the company is giving more focus on “Resident Evil 7.”

Fans are now wondering which of the two titles would be released first, and it is said that if the sequel would be announced

If ever the remake of the second “Resident Evil” gets released, it is speculated that it will

Capcom is also working on the remastered version of “Resident Evil 5,” but the company is not only working on “Resident Evil” titles. There are reports that developers are also working on other titles like “Monster Hunter,” and there are rumors that they may also be working on sequels of their well-known franchises such as “Dead Rising” and “Devil May Cry.”

Jordan Amaro may have already been hired to design “Resident Evil 7,” and it is said that he is from Kojima Productions. The producer of “Resident Evil: Revelations,” Masachika Kawata has mentioned that the sequel will pay homage to the original “Resident Evil” by going back to its roots.

E3 2016 will be on June 14-16.