'Resident Evil 7' release update: Capcom talks game title, first-person perspective and more


Capcom recently addressed the lingering questions that had surrounded the newly announced and upcoming horror game “Resident Evil 7” during an interview with the game producer Masachika Kawata and game director K?shi Nakanishi. The discussion included clarifications regarding the new direction that the game would be taking, the story behind the title of the new installment, as well as the PlayStation 4 exclusive demo release.

In a recent interview, published on the official Capcom Unity blog, Kawata and Nakanishi talked about their current involvement in the game as producer and director, respectively, and their history of involvement in the entire “Resident Evil” franchise. One of the topics that was touched upon was the choice of title for the upcoming game the game’s full title would be called as “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.”

“Obviously you can tell we wanted to merge the two titles we’ve had,” Kawata said. “As fans may know, the game has been called ‘Biohazard’ ever since the beginning in Japan, and it’s been called ‘Resident Evil’ in the West. We really want to have the big, impactful feeling of the series being in one place right now, and having one future it’s heading towards. To do that, we brought the two titles together into one with ‘Resident Evil 7 biohazard.’ It’s the opposite in Japan, it’s ‘BIOHAZARD 7 resident evil.'”

The choice to shift to being a first-person shooter game was also discussed in the interview. According to the developers, the move to do so was simply something that was rooted from them wanting to try something new for the game and by the time they saw that it was good for the game, they went on with it.

“Of course it’s a big change, so first we got a prototype working and we put first-person in place and we wanted to see if we could make ‘Resident Evil’ work in first person,” Nakanishi said. “As soon as we had it up and running we were really confident that this was the way to move forward. We were really happy with the way that ‘Resident Evil’ feels in first person.”

Nakanishi also made it clear that the upcoming game is not a reboot in any way and the canonical original storyline of the game franchise remains to be intact.