'Resident Evil 7' release date: demo breaks PlayStation 4 single-player demo record


The demo for “Resident Evil 7 biohazard,” titled “Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hour,” was released during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last month. Since then, a lot of fans of the franchise have played the demo and the demo’s mysteries have become one of the most talked about topics in the gaming community. Now, it seems that the “Resident Evil 7” demo has broken a new record.

The purpose of the demo was to give players a little taste of what is to come in the upcoming “Resident Evil” installment and also shows how the game will go back to its original horror roots. What was only supposed to be a demo became a hit after being downloaded by over two million players. The demo has set a new record by being the most downloaded out of all the PlayStation 4 single-player demo releases.

The two million subscribers make up about 10 percent of all the PlayStation Plus members, which is really impressive. Now, a lot of gamers are anticipating the newest installment in the franchise in order to get more answers regarding the plot details of the game. Furthermore, the demo has really proven to be a great marketing tool in order to entice more players to purchase the upcoming sequel.

In a press release, Capcom expressed their appreciation by saying, “We would like to thank all our fans for the feedback and support the nail-biting exploration and terrifying atmosphere in the demo is just a taste of what can be expected when the game releases on Jan. 24, 2017.”

Meanwhile, a lot of players are still trying to wrap their heads around some of the demo’s mysteries, including the dummy finger and its intended purpose. It seems that there may be an actual answer to this but players will need to wait until the Tokyo Game Show in September to find out.