'Resident Evil 4' release date update: 'Ultimate HD Edition' releases August 30 with Full HD 1080p, 60 fps and 12 collectible trophies


With the launch of the highly anticipated “Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition” almost here, recently released details reveal that the new Trophy list is similar to the one found in the PlayStation 3 version, which confirms that there will be no Platinum Trophy.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, there will be 12 trophies in total with one Gold version as the highest achievement. Specifically, the gold-dubbed “A Heart of Steel” will require players to clear all levels on the highest difficulty. While for Silver, “A Terrifying Assassin” includes triumphing over Verdugo, the right hand of Salazar, and “What Are They Worth?” wherein all bottle caps in the game have to be acquired.

On the other hand, there are nine challenges for Bronze. These include ringing a mysterious bell for “It Begins With a Ring,” summoning the master of the lake for “Do Not Shoot the Water!,” outmaneuvering the rampaging beast named El Gigante in “A Rock and a Hard Place,” rescuing the president’s daughter Ashley in “Secure the Ballistics,” and winning over the village chief in a battle for “A Bloodline Severed.”

The remaining ones have players defeating Salazar and escaping from the castle in “The Castellan Falls,” defeating the character’s former partner in “The Ties That Bind,” getting the upper hand in a fight against Saddler inside a nightmare in “We’re Going Home,” and acquiring all of the costumes available for “The S Stands for Stylish!!”

A trailer for the first hour showcases the game running at full HD 1080p resolution with an improved frame rate of 60 fps. Another video features U.S. government special agent Leon S. Kennedy navigating a village in Spain to search for the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham. The latter is said to have been kidnapped by cult members under the Los Illuminados’ command. They have to enter a castle where Ashley helps Leon in solving a puzzle to pass through.

“Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition” is priced at $19.99 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It arrives on the market starting Aug. 30.