Republican Presidential Poll 2016 news: Trump leads in capability for action


As the 2016 Election draws nearer, recent surveys show that although the Republicans believe that Ben Carson possesses the personality of a president, they rely more for Donald Trump’s capability in fixing the current issues such as terrorism.

In a poll conducted by Bloomberg dated November 15-17, the Republicans were asked to assess the perceived strengths of the candidates in the top four. Trump got 24%, while Carson came in second with 20%. Coming in third was Senator Marco Rubio of Florida with 12%, while Senator Ted Cruz of Texas came in fourth at 9%.

Between the top two, Trump dominated people’s perceptions in terms of action, including managing a better economy, solving illegal immigration problem, dealing with the Islamic terrorism and Vladimir Putin, and even having more experience in life to become the president. On the other hand, Carson got more confidence from people in terms of honesty and trustworthiness, having the right values in leading the country, caring for people, and possessing the capability to work well with the Congress.

According to J.Ann Selzer from Selzer & Co, the company who conducted the poll, “Carson’s greatest strength has always been who people think he is as a person. Trump’s greatest strength has always been what people think he can do,” noted the same Bloomberg report.

Meanwhile, Fox News also conducted a survey during the same time frame, asking a more general question in a pool of respondents regarding their preference should they elect a Republican president today. Based on the results, Trump still dominated the list with 27% votes as the first option, while Rubio and Cruz came in second and third with 13% and 11%, respectively. Meanwhile, Carson and Jed Bush tied with 9%.

Nonetheless, 55% of those who responded to the survey said they may change their mind, while 44% says they are already definite with their choice. Two percent are still uncertain whether they will change their mind or remain firm in their earlier choice.