'Reign' season 4 spoilers: release date delayed to avoid airing conflict with 'Game of Thrones'


A fourth season of the American historical fantasy romance television series “Reign” was really never in doubt from the start, and it looks like the only reason why the network airing it, The CW, decided to push it back is because it couldn’t possibly compete with HBO’s hit series, “Game of Thrones.”

According to reports, season 4 of “Reign” won’t be available on the small screen until next year, and it does make perfect sense to delay it considering that sticking with the original schedule could mean competing for an audience with the “Game of Thrones.” But one thing fans of the show must consider as positive news is that there indeed is a fourth season, killing off previous rumors that The CW pulled the plug on the show after a mediocre third season.

Nonetheless, there still is a possibility that the season 4 could end up being the last, unless of course it suddenly gets high ratings. However, that could be a longshot as the period drama genre is currently dominated by HBO’s adaptation of the best-selling novel series, “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Likewise, the fact that The CW is preoccupied with its more popular shows like “The 100” and “The Originals” may also contribute to the eventual end of “Reign” after the fourth season.

The trend in American television show scheduling is that summer shows, which traditionally begin in May, are the ones that aren’t really popular or strong enough ratings wise to compete with other shows. These “other” shows are likely to premiere in fall. So with this in mind, it is very possible that “Reign” season 4 could be delayed until May so that it could be part of the summer lineup for The CW. Pitting it against similar ones that aren’t really performing well in ratings could very well give it time to redeem itself and maybe survive for another season.