'Reign' season 4 release date: new season may be the shortest installment from the franchise yet


Fans of “Reign” had been on tenterhooks for a couple of weeks before the period drama was renewed for a fourth season. Now that the upcoming installment has already been given the green light, the specifics of the chapter take center stage in terms of conversations among viewers.

Coming from the recently held Television Critics Association press tour, The CW panel spearheaded by network head Mark Pedowitz revealed some interesting information about “Reign” season 4. It is no secret that the show suffered from relatively low ratings compared to other primetime shows from the channel and while fans were still hoping for a renewal, a cancellation was not entirely out of the table. If not, it was even expected by some. So the TV exec was obviously questioned by media outlet TV Line on the reasoning behind ordering another serving of the series.

“I like the idea of three queens,” was Pedowitz’s short and clipped answer, effectively eluding discussion with regard to their surprising decision. Obviously, his response should not be taken literally as there are a lot of things to consider in the renewal or cancellation of TV series.

Nevertheless, the journalist moved on to ask about other information that Pedowitz could share about “Reign” season 4. One of which is the number of episodes that fans can expect. Word has it that it can run until 16 episodes but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. If this comes to fruition, their upcoming run will be the shortest out of all the four years that the show has been on air.

No official return date has been set for “Reign” season 4 but production is tipped to start sometime soon. If the show will get to keep its usual time slot, it will be back this fall, but since it does not appear to be that way, an early 2017 premiere is more feasible.