Reign season 3: Nostradamus to make fleeting appearances, Mary is in need of a friend


More and more details about the third season of Reign comes out as it premiere date nears.

In season two, one of the characters who was highly involved was Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland). Given this, most fans are wondering about the character’s appearance in the third sequel. Showrunner Laurie McCarthy clarified this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying that “He will be in the series intermittently, but he’s still really p***ed at Catherine, so I don’t think he really feels a great desire to be under her thumb again.” She added that Nostradamus is a “visitor to court.”

The same news portal was also able to get information from Rachel Skarsten, Queen Elizabeth in the movie, that there will be a surprise return to French court, certainly not Louis, Prince of Conde (Sean Teal), but she did not give further details as to who.

Earlier this month, storylines were revealed, saying that season three will see more of the Elizabethan court with Catherine de Medici (Megan Follows) as the first guest, according to McCarthy in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “And that’s an interesting dynamic between those two women because much like Mary, Elizabeth is someone who really was never parented. And Catherine is good at being someone’s advocate and much like she was Francis’ advocate, she goes over there and she strikes up a very personal alliance with Elizabeth.”

Tom Everett Scott will also join the cast playing as the trusted advisor of Queen Elizabeth, named William. In terms of plot, Robert Dudley, the Queen’s historical love interest, will further complicate the plot as they form a love triangle along with Dudley’s wife, Amy, which according to the showrunner will be part of the show to intensify the drama. “She’s going to be a great fun rival for Elizabeth. She’s going to be such a thorn in her side. [Amy’s] a little nuts,” as reported in Design & Trend.

Marie de Guise (Amy Brenneman) is also set to return for her same role in the previous season. In the previous installment, she confessed of her illness with the possibility of death. Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane) convinced her mother to stay with her but, Marie de Guise is still decided to return to Scotland. With the plot of her mother-in-law, Catherine de Medici and Queen Elizabeth striving to bring Mary down, along with other issues in dealing with the English court, she definitely needs someone by her side. It is unclear, though, what exactly her mother will do in the season.

Reign season three will return on October 9.