'Reign' season 3 spoilers: Mary is banished from kingdom; show's fate still uncertain after season 3


More troubles lie ahead for the Queen of Scots, Mary (Adelaide Kane), and the rest of the castle when “Reign” season 3 airs episode 10.

In the promotional video for the upcoming episode, fans see that Mary is exiled by Stephane Narcisse (Craig Parker). He said, “You are banished from this castle to be gone by the end of the week.” How will this affect the kingdom?

However, as Mary try to round up people who will possibly support her, she is in an internal conflict with her feelings with Gideon Blackburn (Ben Geurens).

As narrated by the synopsis posted by Carter Matt, “Mary (Adelaide Kane) struggles to resist her feelings for Gideon (Ben Geurens) as she works to align herself politically with potential allies.”

Meanwhile, Catherine (Megan Follows) and Narcisse will be in each other’s throats, as the latter is very angry with Catherine’s defiance. He said that Catherine’s act “cannot be tolerated.”

As for Claude (Rose Williams), she will be very unhappy and almost in tears as she stands on the altar for her wedding. Her brother Charles (Spencer MacPherson) is equally appalled, with the clip showing him confronting her mother, “I want to discuss my family and what you have done to it.” The trailer also indicates that Charles has been “seduced by Narcisse.”

The summary continued, “Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) and Greer (Celina Sinden) find themselves in similar heart-wrenching situations with the potential for very different outcomes. Catherine (Megan Follows) and Narcisse (Craig Parker) continue their vicious power struggle over the Regency, while Claude (Rose Williams) finds herself in the fight of her life on her wedding night.”

Fans will find out more when “Reign” season 3 airs episode 10, titled “Bruises that Lie” on Jan. 22 at 8 P.M. ET on The CW.

Meanwhile, in a report by TV by the Numbers, the ratings of “Reign” season 3 is a “tossup between renewal and cancellation by May 2016.”