'Reign' season 3, episode 8 spoilers: Mary faces Spanish backlash from Don Carlos' injury


American historical fantasy series “Reign” has gone on a short break after it aired its seventh episose this season last Dec. 4. The outing, titled “The Hound and the Hare,” saw a very well rounded story for all the characters starting with Catherine’s (Megan Follows) and Narcisse’s (Craig Parker) battle for being the next regent. At first, Catherine thought that Narcisse will be her ticket to the title especially when she promised him that she will leave her servant lover, Christophe (Nathaniel Middleton). However, all bets were off when Narcisse was declared regent instead with the backing of the council.

As for Mary (Adelaide Kane), the Queen of Scot has already decided to marry Prince Don Carlos (Mark Ghanime) of Spain until she learned quite a disturbing secret about him. As it turned out, Prince Don Carlos is a masochist who has a penchant for flogging. Both Mary and Catherine staged a session with the Spaniard, which resulted with Don Carlos injuring his head.

When the show the comes back next year, Mary will be facing angry Spaniards as they think that she is the reason why their beloved prince is in such a situation. She will be left with no choice as running away will only prove them right. On the other hand, staying in France might mean losing her very life. From then on, she will decide to look at marriage objectively and choose the most logical decision for her and her kingdom.

In a report by website Design and Trend, Mary’s future husband may be introduced in the midseason premiere although no official teaser has been released yet for the character from The CW. Fortunately, a name has been given as Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley is said to be the one who will marry the Queen of Scots.

“Reign” will be back on air for the remaining episodes of season 3 on Jan. 8 on The CW.