'Red Dead Redemption 2' release date: Upcoming project to be launched in February 2017?


It has been six years since Rockstar Games released “Red Dead Redemption,” and fans have been clamoring for a follow-up to the open world, western action-adventure game. Earlier this month, fans got excited when a flyer leaked online which appeared to confirm that a sequel was in the works and that it will be arriving on Nov. 18. However, it was confirmed that the poster was a fake and that it was made by a fan who sent it to Rockstar.

The most recent rumor suggested that the game would be unveiled at this month’s Sony PlayStation event. However, the event came and went, but the sequel was nowhere in sight, and it’s likely that Rockstar will have a separate event if the company comes around to developing “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Now, the latest theories suggest that Rockstar might choose to unveil the game at the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro launch, specifically in February 2017. According to Alphr, the upcoming title is rumored to be a prequel and is almost three times the size of the first “Red Dead Redemption” game.

The project was rumored to be in development after a picture of what was claimed to be the map of “Red Dead Redemption 2” made the rounds online earlier this year. The map depicts a large area featuring the Gear Plains, the site of Blackwater, which is the setting of the first game. Rumors that the game could be a prequel was spurred by the absence of railroad tracks on the purported game map.

Rockstar Games has yet to comment on the rumor, but it’s likely that the game developer won’t be rushing to release the new installment as they have always maintained that when it comes to games, they always prioritize quality over quantity.

“We don’t always rush to make sequels but that doesn’t mean that we won’t get back to them eventually,” said Rockstar (via PC Advisor). “Stay tuned for further announcements about the future of the Red Dead series.”